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  • Embrace a smart and innovative approach to personal investing. Choose a fully allocated, balanced portfolio, focusing on market segments you can understand and to which you can relate.

    What are Investment Portfolios?

    Investment portfolios are a grouping of several assets, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, and even people, bundled together based on a predetermined theme or strategy. These portfolios give investors access to innovative investment themes: Some portfolios combine machine learning and data science, while allocated based on tailor-made methodologies.

    A Portfolio for any Plan, or Passion

    Innovative Thematic

    Disruption-focused thematic investment portfolios. Gain exposure to the biggest disruptions since the Industrial Revolution

    Top Trader

    Using cutting-edge algorithms, leverages billions of metrics generated by millions of users to create next-level, data-driven investment strategies.

    Partner Portfolios

    STEREOMAFX is partnered with some of the most innovative investment startups in the world and has enabled them to create their own portfolios.

    Why Invest in Portfolios?

    With this offering, we are determined to give you a successful, innovative, simplified, and dynamic investment experience. Our Portfolios are based on elements derived from our values of research, knowledge, methodology, risk management and technology.


    Each portfolio is backed by professional research


    The STEREOMAFX investment team has an in-depth understanding of markets

    Technological innovation

    The latest technologies are being used to create and manage the portfolios

    Risk management

    Each portfolio has its own risk considerations and management tools


    Portfolios are created and managed using specific and distinct methods

    No extra fees

    Portfolios incur no extra management fees


    • What are Portfolios?

      STEREOMAFX Portfolios (CopyPortfolios) are investment vehicles that bundle together a collection of financial assets. The assets are picked and repicked, given a predetermined strategy.

    • Who Structures the Portfolios?

      Most Portfolios are created and managed by the STEREOMAFX Investment Team. Each portfolio is built with a lot of thought and consideration, taking into account factors such as balance, exposure, potential yield, risk and more. In addition, Partner Portfolios are created and managed by STEREOMAFX partners, which include some of the most sophisticated financial companies and innovative startups in Fintech.

    • Are the Portfolios Considered Active or Passive?

      Portfolios are created with a long-term strategy in mind, so they can be considered suitable for investors wanting a more passive approach. However, rebalancing and composition differ from portfolio to portfolio, and, therefore, you should read each Portfolio’s description to get an idea of how dynamic it is.

  • Popular Investor Requirements

    cadet Campion Elite Elite Pro
    Minimum copiers 1 10 10 10
    Minimum time on level 2 months 4 months 2 months -
    Profile Photo
    Trading bio
    Maximum Risk Score 6 7 7 8
    Leverage restrictions
    Additional Requirements Declaration of strategy &
    exclusivity agreement
    3 years of platform
    stats/financial professional
    *You must have a minimum of 2 months of trading stats on Stereomafx before qualifying for the Cadet level. **Upon completion reimbursed by Stereomafx Payments are made by the 10th of the month to your Stereomafx account, or your second account (depending on tier). These funds can be withdrawn upon request.

    Popular Investor Benefits

    cadet Campion Elite Elite Pro
    Priority Customer Service 24/6
    Featured in Stereomafx Marketing
    Stereomafx merchandise
    Fee-free withdrawals
    Complimentary tickets to online/offline events, conferences, sports events/concerts*
    Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal subscriptions
    GuruFocus Premium subscription
    Investment book reimbursement up to $100
    Debit Card
    SeekingAlpha Premium subscription
    Client Relationship Manager in Popular Investor Team
    Invitation to global offices
    Investor Relations: Conference calls with top copiers and investor fact sheet